Imagine a place where “Green” is not just the way of architecture but a state of mind.


The Gate showcases its green credentials in combining bioclimatic rules such as solar cycle and prevailing wind directions on the one hand, and renewable energy technologies in the form of wind turbines, thermal solar energy, photovoltaic solar energy, geothermal energy and biomass on the other hand.

The entire complex is enclosed in a sequence of rectangular volumes arranged around a central street dubbed the ‘Boulevard’, with a steel mesh canopy enveloping the complete scheme, supporting a series of solar panels, heating tubes and vertical wind-catching tunnels that cascade into the lower courtyards.

Inspired by the technology of wind catching towers, or Malqaf, originally developed in Ancient Egypt, the Gate comprises 9 megatrees to function as passive cooling systems.. Integrated air shafts will provide natural ventilation for each apartment, while walkable photovoltaic cells using UV radiation will cover the solar roof to generate much of the building’s electricity. A row of self-sufficient wind turbine prototypes, entitled ‘the phylolight’, lining the inner street are additionally employed to generate electricity.

Residents will be provided with a variety of interactive home automation options to elevate the Gate living experience. The natural HVAC automation allows residents to customize lighting, music, video, communication and security features according to their personal preferences while the innovative technology orchestrate, on their behalf, efficient energy consumption.

The entire roof is transformed into a community get-together with food gardens, orchards, infinity pools, and a sports area.

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